Beg, Borrow or Steal

Ok perhaps not steal, as nicking stuff is bad.  If however you have any stuff that might be useful for my project let me know.  I think I will only be able to come and get stuff local to me so if you are in Hertfordshire too, and want to help just contact me through the, erm, contact page.

Stuff that might be cool: interesting props, outfits, wigs, hats, costume stuff, anything really.  If you want to lend clothing I tend to be a large for tops, and 34 waist.  I am getting smaller, but I don’t think I’ll be squeezing into any 32 inch jeans for a while. If you think I should be breaking gender barriers then I reckon I should be able to wiggle into a size 18.

If you want to contribute by giving me ideas for an image then contact me too.  I probably won’t do any ideas that are illegal, or way off of most decent people’s moral compass, but you never know.